Christmas Wishes And Joyous Greetings

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X-mas Wishes And Joyous Greetings

X-mas Wishes And Joyous Greetings

X-mas wish is something that you cannot buy, place under a tree or wrap into colorful paper. Christmas wishes show a true intense feeling of love and friendship towards our nearest and dearest. This Christmas wish list will make an ordinary wish a magnificent one.

Classical greetings

  • I wish you real, soulful love that can fill your heart and overspill onto everyone around.
  • Christmas is like a magic warm blanket with a nostalgic fragrance. It wraps itself around you reminding about everything you’ve ever loved. Honor Christmas in your heart and keep it there all the year.
  • From house to house, from one heart to another. The warmth of Christmas day makes us closer to each other.
  • Let’s share the glory and beauty of this marvelous season together! Have a wondrous Christmas and an enjoyable New Year!

Funny Christmas card

Funny greetings

  • You weren,t really good this year… You were just fantastic! May Santa visit you as often as you wish this Christmas!
  • Do you know why Santa is always so playful and merry? – It’s cause he’s got the addresses of all bad girls! Have a holly jolly time!
  • Christmas is truly a wonder: it makes all my saved money disappear! Isn’t it magical? Lighten up. Christmas is fabulous anyway!
  • Santa’s not working this Christmas! He died of laughter on hearing you had been good all year!

Kids’ Christmas wish list

  • May Santa Clause be extra good to you and bring everything you dream of!
  • Magic night

Silver glowing
Christmas trees
Cool n’ snowing
Feel this taste of
Peace and Joy
Thanks you, Jesus
Baby boy!

  • I bet you’re on Santa’s “Best Kids” list! Merry Christmas, Sweetie!
  • The saddest thing on a Christmas morning is to wake up and understand that you are not a child anymore. May the magic of this day spread on you and your family!
Christmas wishes

Christmas wishes

Cute wishes

  • Love is always hiding somewhere close to you at Christmas – just stop unwrapping gifts and you’ll hear it.
  • May the stars from the sky descend into your home and make all you wishes real.
  • Don’t try to panic when a plump bearded guy in red suit breaks into your house and wraps you into a huge gift box, cause you’re on my wish list this year!
  • The gift of joy

The gift of love
The gift of prosperity
I want all of these be yours this X-mas and upcoming New Year!

Make a wish Christmas cards

  • This little card has come to state: “Joyful Be Your Christmas Day!”
  • A gentle word with a joyous rhyme, wishing you happiness on Christmas time!
  • Putting a bright star,

On top of my tree,
All my beloved ones,
As close as can be.
Magical moments,
Cakes and spice
These marvelous things
Make holidays nice!

  • May the spirit of the season

Fill your home with ELATION
Your heart with DELIGHT
And your life with merriment.

Lovers’ Wishes

Lovers’ Wishes

Lovers’ Wishes

  • X-mas is the best time to open your heart with loved ones – so let me open mine and say you’re the only one I wish for this magic holiday night!
  • I don’t have a red suit

A deer or a sleigh;
But I have lots of presents
And love you, by the way.

  • I wish you happy memories and blissful cheer to you and your dearest. I’m waiting to share this fascinating night with you, my sweetheart.
  • Sending passionate wishes your way I hope you feel this charm and treasures coming with another Christmas season. I love you, be my treasure this New Year!

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