Nightmare before Christmas

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The nightmare before Christmas

The nightmare before Christmas

The nightmare before Christmas is Tim Burton & Henry Selick’s dark fantasy stop motion musical. It tells about Halloween Town inhabitants, whose main life sense contains terrifying people at Halloween.

Story Plot

Jack, the nightmare before Christmas protagonist is in charge of organizing Halloween. After the Major rewarded Jack for celebrating this annual event, Jack understood that he was tired of making the gloomy holiday every year. Thinking over the problem he found a place in the woods to get into Christmas Town where all people lived happily. Jack sincerely wanted to celebrate Christmas too, give presents, happiness and good mystery like Santa did. So he came home and announced to everyone in Halloween Town that next Christmas they would make themselves.
All monsters, skeletons, and other unpleasant creatures got ready for Christmas. They made Santa’s costume for Jack as well as awful presents. Unfortunately, the nightmare before Christmas characters couldn’t realize that all their preparations might only frighten people, instead of giving them happiness. Only Sally, a pretty rag doll, predicted that the holiday would lead to a tragedy for Jack. Nevertheless, he continued to get ready. He gave arrangements to local bullies Lock, Shock, Barrel about delivering Santa Claus to the Town intending to give him some kind of rest this year from his annual routine. Such holidays became the worst in his life. Little villains sent him to a disgusting villain Oogie Boogie, an antagonist of this story. He tried to murder Santa. Sally came to help Santa escape from the imprisonment but got into trouble too.

List of The Nightmare Before Christmas characters

List of The Nightmare Before Christmas characters

Meanwhile, Sally’s precautions turned out true. Jack’s Christmas became horrible for the human world. Being naïve by nature, Jack didn’t understand that people wanted to kill him but not grant. The army bombed Jack. He fell on the cemetery. Now he realized the mistake he had done and hurried to save Santa together with Sally from Oogie Boogie.


The film has become so popular since 1993 that a lot of people decide to have an outrageous nightmare before Christmas tattoos. They display different witches, vampires, ghosts, devils and other dark creatures on their body parts.
Tim Burton gave his own understanding of dark and scary Christmas Eve. Actually we see here an original connection between two great events – Halloween and Christmas. From this point of view, various nightmare before Christmas ornaments seems very fresh on the tree.

Nightmare before Christmas tattoos

Nightmare before Christmas tattoos

After the film released in 1993 the collection of cool nightmare before Christmas decorations for Halloween was enormously enriched by a huge number of Halloween Town’s citizens.
The originality of the film is based also on its music style. The main characters sing expressing their thoughts and inclinations. The nightmare before Christmas lyrics together with specific sounds help to create adequate mood and in some places even some kind of warm feelings between Sally and Jack.

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