New Year Hairstyles

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Cute Christmas Party Hairstyles

Cute Christmas Party Hairstyles

New Year’s Eve and The New Year are days you usually devote to the last minute shopping, cooking, cleaning and decorating. A family celebration is marvelous, but all the hustle and bustle takes too much time and leaves almost nothing for you.
Today we’re talking about some simple new year’s hairstyles. Remember, that hairstyles for New Year shouldn’t always take too much time to look attractive!

hairstyles for New Year’s party

Rope Twist it!

New Year hairstyle
A perfect result with minimum effort! One of the girlish hairstyles for New Year’s party.
Do you know what makes this style so simple? The secret is the rope braid – it’s the simplest and the most productive way of braiding if you’re new to French braids. All the braiding is done with only two strands of hair. You add more and more hair to the strands while braiding. If necessary, fix the braid with bobby pins.
The entire look gives an impression of angel’s halo on your head! It’s quick, gentle and so adorable! Add a golden ribbon to it and be the cutest New Year’ Eve angel ever!

Half Halo for Medium Hair

New Year hairstyles must be quick and easy. This half halo is ridiculously easy to make! You’ll still look like an angel with minimum effort.

  1. Wash your hair and let them dry without blow drier;
  2. Use a wide curling iron to create the light wave effect;
  3. Create the half halo separating the strands from the crown and twisting them around the headband matching your hair color.

HINT: fix the hairband with bobby pins before twisting – the celebration is going to last for many hours.
This New Year hairstyle is perfect for those fond of bohemian or hippy look.

Retro Inspired Wave

Retro Inspired Wave

Get this good old retro Hollywood star look! It’s easy, it’s timeless and it’s quick.

  1. Brush your hair through;
  2. Separate your hair on two uneven parts and comb them to the side;
  3. Use a wide curling iron to make waves;
  4. Fix the position of the waves with your fingers and wax.

Don’t forget to finish your look with a strong hairspray and some glittery hair clip on the back.

Hard but It’s Worth It!

Hard but It’s Worth It
The Hunger Games

It’s one of the most popular hairstyles for new Year’s Eve. Say thank you to Prim from The Hunger Games for it!

It’s pretty hard to make without practice, but it’s so festive and so romantic at a time! Use this video tutorial, cause it makes no sense explaining all this with words:

It’s a New Year Waterfall!

It’s one of the firm favorites among little girls and young romantic women. It’s pretty easy to do, although it needs some practice if you do it for the first time. Still, it’s a lot easier than making a bow braid. If it’s possible, ask someone to help you with the back of your head.
If you wish to add some sweet romance to your look, curl the rest of the hair and fix it with some hairspray.

Hairstyles for New Year’s Eve

Hairstyles for New Year’s Eve must help you not only look beautiful but also feel comfortable and sure that nothing can spoil your celebration. Hope that our advice will help you get the most from the holy holiday of the year!

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