Christmas songs

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Christmas Song 2018

Christmas Song 2018

Getting ready for an extremely mysterious annual celebration we often gravitate to create a special disposition for ourselves. Of course everybody has their own favorite Christmas song list. We will describe the most recognizable holiday melodies:

  • “Happy Christmas (War is over)” – performed by J. Lennon (1971) – tend in celebrating Christmas as well as the World’s peace.
  • “O, Holy Night”, performed by an outstanding vocalist Celine Dion. Since 1847, this carol became a significant Xmas song. Nowadays it is available in a great deal of versions in different music styles, including Christian, instrumental, popular etc. So you may select your catching one.
  • “This Christmas”, D. Hathaway’s excellent performance has become a top Christmas song of R&B singer as well as songwriter. It was finished in 1970. Since then numerous artists re-recorded it creating numerous beautiful variations. You can hear them in many movies.
  • “All I Want for Christmas Is You” became familiar to us thanking an outstanding singer Mariah Carey. The composition song has gained extreme popularity among listeners.
top Christmas song

Top Christmas song

When worrying celebration time approaches nearer, children also want to participate in presenting funny Christmas songs. From this folklore, kids learn to recognize significant features of Christmas season, making event cards, stunning decorations, the tradition of baking delicious food, lighting candles. The most favorite and also popular Christmas song for kids which known all over the world is definitely “Jingle Bells”, J.L. Pierpont’s masterpiece. Another attractive festivity tune should be of course “Silent Night” which is actually a sincere prayer expressing gratitude towards our God.

Kids Song X'mas

Kids Song X’mas

In “Nothing’ For Christmas!” we hear an original message from Santa Claus addressed to all those children who behave well. For only, in that case, they will receive their gifts.
Classic Christmas songs were performed in the last century. Also, a number of popular modern artists re-recorded them. So they presented a link between different generations and these tunes are obviously very charming.

  • “The Christmas song” Nat King Cole’s work set out the specific annual Xmas mood tradition– to have lovely candle dinner for two or decorating the holiday tree altogether.
  • “Santa Claus is coming to town” is a classic tune with unforgettable Christmas song lyrics together with marvelous music.
  • “Do you hear what I hear” gives its own interpretation of this spiritual holiday.
    Kind Christian Christmas songs often help people understand the subtle meaning of nativity, highlight mystery of Xmas. The song list contains modern compositions as well as subtle melodies written more than a hundred years ago.
  • “Angels we have heard on High” was initially a French poem translated into English about two hundred years ago. Since then a lot of popular artists have performed it in different music styles.
  • “O Little Town of Bethlehem” is marvelously sounded when performed by children.

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