Christmas Hairstyles

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Cute Christmas Hairstyle Idea

Cute Christmas Hairstyle Idea

Hilarious Christmas parties are already on the way. Get ready to catch everyone’s eye with some incredible cute Christmas hairstyles.
No one wants to look boring on a holiday night. If you’re ready with your dresses, suits, and costumes, it’s high time to take care of your hair!
Here you’ll get some cute hairstyles for Christmas.
Christmas party hairstyles,jpg

Make a Bow!

Looks adorable, isn’t it? One of the prettiest and girlish Christmas party hairstyles is as easy as pie!
Remember Lady Gaga and her first appearance on the screen? The hair bow made her famous and let’s be grateful to her for that.
Wash your hair, blow dry them and iron them straight. Backcomb them at the crown and make a half hair ponytail. Separate the tail into two parts and form the shape of a bow with the help of the curling iron. Don’t forget to make curled hair ribbons.
Use strong hold hairspray to finish your “holiday present” look. It’s one of the best Christmas hairstyles for girls and young women!

Hairstyles for Christmas party

Three braids in a bun

Hairstyles for Christmas party should always be comfortable. What can be better than braids fixed in a kinda messy, but practical and charming bun!

Do it in a couple of minutes:

  1. Wash, blow dry and backcomb your hair at the crown area.
  2. Separate the hair into three parts as shown in the picture. Make sure the parting is comfortable for you.
  3. Make three loose braids and widen them a little bit picking out the strands a little bit.
  4. Tie the braids together in a bow as shown in the picture. Secure everything with bobby pins.

You’ll get a romantic ornate bun. It looks marvelous either on a formal occasion or as an everyday hairstyle.
HINT: Use red and green ribbons for your braids and Christmas styled hairpins to create your personal holiday spirit. Be creative!

hairstyles for a Christmas party

Add some nice fabric to it!

A variation of Milkman Braid always looks so fresh and gentle! Of course, such hairstyle cannot be groundbreaking or something, but if you combine it with a nice ribbon or with a thin, delicate silk scarf, it would be so attractive and romantic! This style is perfect and effective at a time and will make you simply adorable.
If you’ve got a good hold of your hair, you can make a French braid from ear to ear adding a ribbon while braiding. If you don’t have enough time for practice, just make two simple braids with ribbons on the sides on then tie the ends of the braids at the crown area like the picture shows.
It’s one of the simplest hairstyles for a Christmas party!

A la Brigitte Bardot

A la Brigitte Bardot

Bingo combination! The mermaid braid that is always trendy and the iconic Bardot’s pouf! It’s so easy to create: some backcombing on the back and a loose French braid. Leave some strands loose at the front and make light curls with your curling iron.
The touch of red color is absolutely necessary if you’re in the mood of Christmas. Use a red lipstick and finish your braid with a thin red ribbon. Fix it with some light hairspray for a finished natural look. This style is stunning and does not need any more decorative elements.
Follow the instructions in the picture and get your retro look in no more than five minutes!

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