Christmas games

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Christmas games for kids

Christmas games for kids

Christmas remains a great time for fun. Either you are adults or children, vigorous or calm, Christmas games list should help you spend this holiday with a memorable joy.

Christmas games for kids

  1. Adventurous Christmas game for kids. Make sure you have enough ribbons. Tie a present at one end of it and a pencil at the other. Unwind ribbons around the gaming place – under beds, around tables, chairs, behind sofas, doors. Cross ropes with each other. Give children pencils, telling them to find gifts. Set a time limit.
  2. Alive Christmas tree. Create fun organizing Christmas games for families. Let kids group into two teams. Find 2 grown-up volunteers. Decorate adults as holiday trees using all garments – balls, garlands, sweets, toys.
  3. Puzzle race. For this Christmas party game you should possess:
  • gift wrap paper;
  • empty boxes;
  • Christmas pictures (2 teams – 2 pictures);
  • mittens.

In the picture children are happy to play games with the adults in the family circle.

Cut pictures into 4-5 pieces according to the number of kids. Put pieces into a box, wrapped in gift paper. Make 2-3 layers. Delete paper from boxes wearing mittens.
Arrange boxes on the table. Children stand opposite at a distance. A kid reaches the table, unwraps a box, takes a piece and quickly returns to his team. In the end, participants assemble and name their picture.
The winner team does everything faster than the others.

  1. Snow race. Necessary materials:
  • Styrofoam snow;
  • spoons;
  • bowls.

Place bowls at different sides of the room. Fill one with Styrofoam balls. Organize into groups. Each participant should reach the opposite side of the room carrying “snow” in the spoon without dropping it.

Two parents despite their age with pleasure take part in games and drawings.

Christmas games for adults

  1. No talent show. Announce this Christmas game for groups. Find the best two left leg dancer, the most awful singer or jokes teller.
  2. Music guessing.  Select from popular songs. Play them during the first 5-10 seconds. Folks guess titles and singers. Give 1 point for the right title, 2 if they name performers.
  3. Hula Hoop is one of the funniest Christmas party games for adults. Take 2-3 hula hoops. Challenges:
  • Who moves the ring longer?
  • Who moves all the circles at a time for 10 seconds?
  • How many people can fit a hula hoop?
  • Who throws the ring farther?
  • Who rolls it farthest?
  1. Hot potato. Stand in a circle, take a gift. While music continues, pass the gift. When music stops, the person who holds the gift goes out of the circle. The last remaining is a winner.
  2. Discover one more very fun Christmas game – drawing on plates. Give each party member a paper plate and a marker.  Put the plates on the heads. Ask guests to draw:
  • floor;
  • fir-tree with decorations;
  • star on the top of the tree;
  • fire-place with stockings;
  • presents under the tree.

Give time to admire the pictures. Now count points according to 5 questions:
Christmas tree reaches the floor – 2 points.
star is on the top of the tree – 2 points.
decorations hang on the tree – 1 point for every hanging one.
the tree stands away from the fireplace – 2 points.
presents lie under the tree – 2 points.

Look like a normal and happy family at Christmas and having fun together.

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