Christmas cards

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Funny Christmas Card Messages

Funny Christmas Card Messages

Sending & receiving Xmas congratulations exists as a very important, great, loving ritual. We all consider it very nice exchanging tradition containing warm words for the nearing celebration or simply receiving a meaningful note without specific occasion as friendship sign of deep feelings. Very busy people often become very crazy about looking for stunning notes with touching messages inside, but as a rule unluckily. The most common variant that still remains is buying Xmas cards, which usually enclose simple but laconic message “Merry Christmas!” But this solution doesn’t seem rather interesting. Though everyone has their own opinion on the Christmas celebration, would we like to receive just official congratulation from our distant dear person whom we haven’t heard for a very long time? All depends on. Some people say that, definitely, would not. There are a lot of such postcards variations. Everything should differ on some degree of closeness or social interests. For instance, you can find messaging with holy, sacrificed word meaning, showing nativity pictures (Christ’s birth). And, of course, there are those people who like exchanging with funny Christmas cards.

Write in a Christmas card

Write in a Christmas card

Look at some ways what to write in a Christmas card. Here you might find some ideas.
General celebration wishes:

  • Wishing you marvelous Xmas time and happy holiday
  • Love, peace, blessings this Christmas
  • The understanding of Xmas should depict us all the attractiveness in our life that we get for granted. Our friends, family, faith.
Religious Christmas

Religious Christmas cards

Christian Xmas messages

In case you want to highlight genuinely sacrificed sense, focus on religious Christmas cards with appropriate wishing in it. They remind us the good message about Jesus Christ.

  • Great information often comes in little boxes, just like the news when Jesus Chris was born
  • Even if our Lord was not born on December 25th, I would still like to congratulate you with sending this card.
  • Congratulation on the birth of a holy child devoted servant and kind Lord who was named Jesus Christ.
Christmas card greetings

Christmas card greetings

Funny Xmas wishes

If your friends love jokes, have a good sense of humor, these Christmas card greetings can appear very helpful. What’s more, postcards with funny words help to reduce stress at this time of the Year.

  • Imagine that at least three people want to wish you a Merry Xmas? They are Jesus Christ, Santa Claus, and ME!
  • I am not a great expert in writing Christmas cards. Though when I do so, I usually wish the same greeting.
  • If I had to select between Santa and you, I would select you as I don’t think that is a good idea of the guy to visit my house when I sleep.
  • All I desire for Xmas is for you to spend a crazy, naughty, cool holiday!

Among different ways to make your closest relatives happy, we can name also personalized Christmas cards. They ideally suit for sharing best moments of life, sending memorable family photos. This is a kind of memories that we can offer our close friends and relatives, at least, more than store-purchased items.

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